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The enchanted city of Istanbul …

There were many battles for the conquest of the city, fabulous romances were experienced, the coasts of the city have inspired the poets.

Some listened with closed eyes to the music of the streets and the cries of the birds, and some drank their wine to the delicious food and withdrew into their dream world throughout the humming of the southwest wind. Istanbul has been the cradle of civilization for hundreds of years, connecting two major continents and becoming the common bridge of cultures.

The bohemian streets of the European part of Istanbul will seduce you for long walks. Feel the spirit of music in the narrow streets of “Karaköy”, enjoy tea in “Galata”, feel the mild breeze on an evening walk in “Bebek”… Everything and much more makes Turkey’s largest city even more inviting. And the Asian part seduces its inhabitants and visitors with many other attractions.


Peaceful, colorful and extraordinary …

Start your tour from “Beylerbeyi Palace” on the Asian side, which served as the dacha and guesthouse for the Ottoman sultans. This palace was built at the request of Sultan Abdulaziz and still adorns the coasts of Istanbul. Enjoy the famous breakfast at “Fethi Pasa Korusu” afterwards. The stunning view will seduce you into an enchanting dream world.

Istanbul has a long history. You will feel the diversity of the city in “Kadikoy”. Take a short break in one of the many restaurants after walking along the coast of “Moda” and try pancakes, waffles or a traditional Turkish breakfast. For more entertainment, visit the bar street “Kadikoy Barlar Sokagi”.

Go for a stroll on Bagdad Street (Bagdat Caddesi), if you want to go shopping. And don’t forget to try a delicious Turkish coffee. You also have to visit the Toy Museum in “Kadikoy” which will take you on an extraordinary journey. Every street in Istanbul is a whole ‘nother world.

Enjoy our Turkish specialties in the famous restaurants of “Cengelköy”. These include delicacies like “Köfte”, “Börek”or “Kebab”. The locals will tell you about the legendary “myth of yogurt” while you enjoy the view on the hills of “Kanlica”.


A hideaway from the big city life: The Princes’ Islands

The hustle and bustle, the traffic and the millions of people; Istanbul is a city that never sleeps. If you wish for a quiet day in the countryside, we recommend to visit the Princes’ Islands. After a cruise on the Sea of Marmara you will reach the Princes’ Islands where you can explore the historical houses and enjoy breathtaking views.


What else is there to do on the Princes’ Islands?

You can visit the former residence of the famous writer “Sait Faik Abasiyanik“ in “Burgazada” which was converted into a museum in 1959. “Kalpazankoyu Bay“ is famous for its restaurants with delicious appetizers where you can also enjoy your drinks at sunset. “Büyükada“ is famous for its ice creams. Experience their colorful, delicious taste. As you walk down the “Asiklar Yolu“ (Lovers Road), you will see boatyards, boat shops, fisherman shelters and decks including a wide variety of birds along the shore.

We also recommend a visit to the beautiful „“Yanaros Villa“ where the famous Russian politician “Trotsky“ lived for four years.“Büyükada“ is the largest of the islands and one of the places you must see because of its several historical buildings and mansions.




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